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I stood behind Phuong now, looking over at Babs. My cock pressed against the young girl’s spine as I reached over her shoulders to fondle her nipples. I pulled hard against them as she tried to push herself back into me. But she was just too short. She looked more like twelve than twenty. My cock rubbed back and forth against her back. I was tempted to take her then, but I wanted Babs to experience fisting for herself, and pulled away from the youngster as I watched the older woman start to recover. There were small puddles at her feet where her lubricating liquids had run down her legs. I had Phuong get down on her knees and clean the floor.

gladly licked it clean, as a kitten laps at a plate of cream. She looked over for permission, and when I nodded, she began to lick the juices from Babs’ inner legs. Soon Babs was over the top, cumming so hard that I thought she would break the steel spreader bar. Phuong’s face was pressed tightly into Babs’ crotch, drinking directly from the source of the flow. Then I taught her a fisting lesson from behind. This time the tattoed babe’s breasts were coated with her’s cum from her previous orgasm. Again she rose rubbing pussy, stick a fingers into her beaver and licking them dry.

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