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Extreme Bizarre Foot Fisting

You have to love a woman that loves to lick and eat out another bitches pussy, make her squeel and want more out of the sexual contact. Emily licked and sucked so much she needed to feel little Giovana’s fist up her wet pussy.

You won’t believe the extreme insertions in this one! As if a fist wasn’t enough, Giovana decided to FOOT FUCK Emily right in front of us! Surprisingly Emily loved it and came like crazy! This is one of the craziest videos we have filmed yet!

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Melissa started climaxing in a mini-firecracker pattern as I

gradually inserted the entire toy into her, all the while teasing her

clit ring with my tongue.  I noticed Kelly was alternating between

sucking Melissa’s nipples and french kissing her, and had started

fingering herself at the same time.  Returning my full attention to

Melissa, I began fucking the dildo in and out of her while kissing her

pussy.  Her moaning shifted into wailing and she began grinding her

hips on the bed, overstimulated but wanting even more.  I was

determined that this orgasm would be overwhelming for her, so I

deliberately kept building her up with my licking and thrusting,

careful not to let her slip over the edge.

Several minutes later, her cries were starting to peak in a full

crescendo.  I knew she had to be nearing exhaustion and desperate for

release.  I accelerated and deepened my thrusts, while intensifying my

licking.  From the fistfuls of my hair that she was clutching, I knew

she was hanging by a thread, and I quickly slid a single finger up to

the base in her ass.  Melissa let out a full shriek that certainly

must have woken the upstairs neighbors andI felt her entire body tense

like a coiled spring.  She came and came.  Her scream died off but her

mouth was still open, soundlessly crying out her pleasure.  Finally

she went completely limp and from the looks of it, passed out.  I

pulled the dildo out of her sopping pussy and slid back up the bed.

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