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She leaned forward and batted my hands out of the way, grasping my cumming
cock and rubbing it up and down between her fists, pumping it exactly as she
had watched me do it.

I moaned in pleasure and lay back against the couch,
watching my daughter as she used two hands to pump and masturbate my cock in
a suddenly expert way! She sighed little “wow’s” quietly as each new pulse
of cum oozed up out of my cock in time to her rhythmic fisting. She urged
and coaxed more and more wet semen up and out of my shaft, seeming to love

each new tiny wave of white goo as it spilled out of my cock and dribbled
down over her fingers and dripped onto my balls. She held a cupped hand
under my scrotum, catching the sticky goo in her concave palm and then
sitting the bottom of my ball sack in the cum in her hand, resting my balls
there in the wet mess.

then the time is come for stand fisting. I stood still and tried to relax my pussy completely. Then he inserted his had deep inside of me giving me a strong feeling of a rude plastic glove touching my cervix


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I burst into tears.  It is not at all surprising. The person watching me is my cousin, John.  By bizarre coincidence he is the man Hilary and Naomi are both happy to call their friend.  And he’s been standing there, naked, his enormous erection in Hilary’s hand, watching me being fist-fucked.  It is almost as big a shock for him as it is for me.

Hilary told me later Naomi had called John when she went to fetch the toy bag, the night before, she had said my name was Diana, but how could either  have imagined that we are the Diana and John who are related?

And all the while, Naomi’s fist is still inside me, and Im unable to stop the fading spasms from making me wince.  John climbs onto the bed. “We’ll talk about it later, it’s all o.k., it’s our secret world,” he John soothingly.  Im so stoned, so sexed-up I just seem to accept it.  I feel myself being turned, rolled onto my side.  Naomi slowly draws out her fist, and holds it for me to kiss.   I do, tasting my musk.  I feels a finger, a vaselined finger on my anus, it presses gently.
So slack am I from the fisting, I offers no resistance.  Then something else is between my full buttocks, something ruder, and much, much bigger.  It is Johns cock, and somehow, that is all right too.  I know a little about anal sex now.  I feel it pressing, harder and harder, it strains me, hurts me but excites me.  I push my bottom back into the thrusts, and feel my anus start to open….

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I have to forget everything except my body and its sensations, I’ll  think later.  John is at the back door, where Jim would not go.  He holds my hips, and pulls me.  I really am tight there, not like in front!  John holds Poppers to my nose, and though this is unexpected, I respond instantly, and I draw in a headful sharply.  Later they tell me that this is the specific sexual purpose for sniffing Poppers, to enable a cock to enter a bottom.

I feel the amazing rush whooshing in my brain, my anal muscles relax, and John’s enormous glans seems to pop into my ass.  It feel intriguingly good, totally different to vaginal penetration.

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