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At first, I rub my pussy lips when they starts to get wet I touch my clitoris and then I finger my peehole.

Sllowly, one by one,  I insert my finger inside my vagina, trying to fit a full hand inside to make a fist. Its really hard to do it in this position. Thats why i have to call someone to teach me.

Jack is a good guy he know fisting lessons since he was 23.

His wife tought him how to fist a woman pussy.

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So Jack is here to give me some fisting lessons. He starts with that he order me turn back to him, bend me down, and wear a blue, sky-colored clove on his right hand.

At first , Jack entered my pussy from behind probing it with his fist in blue glove making sure that my pussy it wide enough to accept his paw when I lie on my back.

then, when he stick his hand in my pussy and started to thrust it very frequently

i had a tremendous orgasm.

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