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He told me that you HAVE to be fist by someone who you can try very much and also someone with experience on fistfucking..because it could be very dramatic. He made me confidence and willing to met him at his place. I went there that day and enter the place. He came to me , a little guy with almost no air and wearing glasses.

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Fisitng Lesons

He introduce him, and ass me to follow him to the other piece of the apart. A sling !! wow ! i’m in paradise or what..he got a whole wall of dildo,gode,buttplug..name it..and different size..

I say in myself..”Wow buddy..you might have a lot of fun or not..”..i choose the fun..and happy to so. He insert me fingers,play a bit with figers and introduce a buttplug..a small one..but for me was ok..then he caress my dick and my balls with his mouth and tongue. WOW !! after a moment, he change the buttplug by a chain of balls…fuc*** long !! he insert the fist, then the second one.i say “stop”..he stop a bit..then i light my doobie, take a couple of puff and then ask him to go deeper…he did..

Fisitng Lessons

But the whole begining he were not all inside of me..he didn’t pass the knuckles…i took a break , he turn is hand, right to left and upside down.. I took some water, start again my doobie, and when i finished it..i told him to go inside..non-stop, but slowly… he try and because he is very determinant, he pass it.. HO MY GOD !!! i never had a wonderfull feeling like that, and before that, it was skydiving my best feeling..imagine !! we play around 2-3 hours like that and it was my fist fist in my life..

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Hey, many things have happened between Kai and I. We have now made out both completely topless, he’s given me a hickey, he’s sucked on my nipples, and he has fingered me. Getting fingered was so incredible!!!!! OMG.

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I was wearing a skirt and no underwear. I loved being shirtless, no bra and making out and cuddling, laying down with him when he had no shirt on either. Like OMG Kai’s finger was in my vagina!!

Fisting Lessons
Fisting Lessons

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I can’t wait until we have sex, we are both naked and his penis is in my vagina. It will feel AMAZING!!!

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At first, I rub my pussy lips when they starts to get wet I touch my clitoris and then I finger my peehole.

Sllowly, one by one,  I insert my finger inside my vagina, trying to fit a full hand inside to make a fist. Its really hard to do it in this position. Thats why i have to call someone to teach me.

Jack is a good guy he know fisting lessons since he was 23.

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So Jack is here to give me some fisting lessons. He starts with that he order me turn back to him, bend me down, and wear a blue, sky-colored clove on his right hand.

At first , Jack entered my pussy from behind probing it with his fist in blue glove making sure that my pussy it wide enough to accept his paw when I lie on my back.

then, when he stick his hand in my pussy and started to thrust it very frequently

i had a tremendous orgasm.

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I stood behind Phuong now, looking over at Babs. My cock pressed against the young girl’s spine as I reached over her shoulders to fondle her nipples. I pulled hard against them as she tried to push herself back into me. But she was just too short. She looked more like twelve than twenty. My cock rubbed back and forth against her back. I was tempted to take her then, but I wanted Babs to experience fisting for herself, and pulled away from the youngster as I watched the older woman start to recover. There were small puddles at her feet where her lubricating liquids had run down her legs. I had Phuong get down on her knees and clean the floor.

gladly licked it clean, as a kitten laps at a plate of cream. She looked over for permission, and when I nodded, she began to lick the juices from Babs’ inner legs. Soon Babs was over the top, cumming so hard that I thought she would break the steel spreader bar. Phuong’s face was pressed tightly into Babs’ crotch, drinking directly from the source of the flow. Then I taught her a fisting lesson from behind. This time the tattoed babe’s breasts were coated with her’s cum from her previous orgasm. Again she rose rubbing pussy, stick a fingers into her beaver and licking them dry.

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I burst into tears.  It is not at all surprising. The person watching me is my cousin, John.  By bizarre coincidence he is the man Hilary and Naomi are both happy to call their friend.  And he’s been standing there, naked, his enormous erection in Hilary’s hand, watching me being fist-fucked.  It is almost as big a shock for him as it is for me.

Hilary told me later Naomi had called John when she went to fetch the toy bag, the night before, she had said my name was Diana, but how could either  have imagined that we are the Diana and John who are related?

And all the while, Naomi’s fist is still inside me, and Im unable to stop the fading spasms from making me wince.  John climbs onto the bed. “We’ll talk about it later, it’s all o.k., it’s our secret world,” he John soothingly.  Im so stoned, so sexed-up I just seem to accept it.  I feel myself being turned, rolled onto my side.  Naomi slowly draws out her fist, and holds it for me to kiss.   I do, tasting my musk.  I feels a finger, a vaselined finger on my anus, it presses gently.
So slack am I from the fisting, I offers no resistance.  Then something else is between my full buttocks, something ruder, and much, much bigger.  It is Johns cock, and somehow, that is all right too.  I know a little about anal sex now.  I feel it pressing, harder and harder, it strains me, hurts me but excites me.  I push my bottom back into the thrusts, and feel my anus start to open….

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I have to forget everything except my body and its sensations, I’ll  think later.  John is at the back door, where Jim would not go.  He holds my hips, and pulls me.  I really am tight there, not like in front!  John holds Poppers to my nose, and though this is unexpected, I respond instantly, and I draw in a headful sharply.  Later they tell me that this is the specific sexual purpose for sniffing Poppers, to enable a cock to enter a bottom.

I feel the amazing rush whooshing in my brain, my anal muscles relax, and John’s enormous glans seems to pop into my ass.  It feel intriguingly good, totally different to vaginal penetration.

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